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February 14, 2022

Donated to the Lakeridge High School Robotics Team!

I donated masks to the Lakeridge High School Robotics Outreach team.

My High School is very fortunate to have a diverse range of extracurricular activities. Our school assemblies always bost athletic recognition as well as advertise the schools latest theatrical events, whether they be new plays or programs.

What makes the Robotics Team so unique is that it has a focus on outreach and extracurricular learning. The main two programs we have are YKAL, Your Kitchen Is A Lab, and STEM backpacks. Both teach science to kids in need while giving them the necessary tools to do so. YKAL gives children cook books that explain the science behind cooking while giving them food that does not require refrigeration. The STEM backpacks include DIY computer projects that can teach them about circuits and programming.

I donated face masks to the teams outreach program. These masks are going into the backpacks alongside the food and Computer projects. This will let them stay safe while learning!

The picture here is of me handing the box to the parent leader of the Lakeridge High School robotics team, who's work has helpped hundreds of children in need!

Erik Stoltz

Student | Entreprenuer
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