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August 5, 2020

How to Treat Mask-ne

Mask sores are because of pressure. It’s usually from expendable disposable masks.

Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

So wearing masks in the state of Oregon is mandatory in some public places. I live in Oregon, so that's relevant to me and the people around me. But, it will yield problems for people I know. Wearing masks has unpleasant effects based on acne.

This has been dubbed Mask-ne, mask acne. It’s dependent almost entirely on how much acne your face produces. People with skin that generates very little acne will never run into this. People who generate much acne will have the following troubles with masks.

Mask sores; sore caused by the pressure vacuum on your mask. An aching sensation around your head. And a build-up of acne.

Mask sores are because of pressure. It’s usually from expendable disposable masks. To avoid this problem, you have to wear your mask for a lesser period of time. This may not be viable for you, and if you don’t do it right you put yourself at risk. Thus, if you want to wear it for a longer period of time, you can apply pressure and pore relieving cream or moisturizer to your face. If you do, be aware that applying it to the edge of your mask may break its seal, and that will prevent the maximum capacity of disease blocked by the mask.

 If you have mask sores and you are wearing a reusable cotton mask, similar rules apply, but you should also search for a silk mask or something softer, as it may just be skin irritation.

If you have an ache around your head, then it’s because of elastic bands holding the mask in place. Elastic and rubber bands will cause your skin to be sore if you wear it also for long periods of time. This is circumvented by using something with straps. Anything with straps that you tie on, or use velcro for will work. An example of these will be my masks! Please buy them on my website.

Even in the medical industries, people who wear masks for a long period of time wear masks with straps. Wear masks with straps, it’s going to be easier, and it’s going to be more comfortable.

Acne building up can cause pimples and scars. The way pimples start is white blood or acne builds up in your pores, but they're blocked by dirt. This makes the acne build-up under your skin. If you don’t clean your face, then this can happen with acne building up.  

To remedy this, apply a poor cleaning substance, like aftershave splash, rubbing alcohol, or moisturizers like Cetaphil.

And that's about it, Mask-ne is easy to solve, it doesn’t require homemade concoctions like the ones you see on other websites. It doesn’t need makeup, it just needs cleaning. Thank you, and I'll see you later.  

Erik Stoltz

Student | Entreprenuer
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