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Makeup Brush, 24 mm

Brown Knot with handcrafted wooden handle.

All handles are handmade and will have their own character. Each brush is unique.

Hair material: Synthetic Brown
Handle material: Wood
Brush knot diameter: 24MM (+/-1mm)
Loft (approximate): 53MM (+/-10mm)

$ 35.00 USD
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Brush Knots

Different brush knots very slightly. 1. The Basic Knot is the silkiest. 2. The Basic Black Knot is essentially the same as #1 except for the color. 3. The Tuxedo Knot has more fibers than 1 and 2 so more of a medium density. 4. Is the Timber Wolf which is the densest that we carry. 5. If you are going for stiffness then the brown is it, its similar to horsehair.

Unique Style
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Staying Safe
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